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Our Royal History

Our Royal History

This Brahmin family of Khaatu attained name, fame and respect under the guidance of great "Naadi-Vaidya“ and scholar VadiyaRaj Daulat Ram Ji Matolia- who was personally requested by the Jaipur Maharaja himself to come and settle in Jaipur. Vaidya Daulat Ram granted his consent and migrated to Jaipur to practice Ayurveda. Ever since then, his family has served the classes and masses of Jaipur and Rajasthan.

The family also contributed to enrich their experiences and did the much needed documentation of their works in the classical texts like- “THE AMRIT SAGAR” and “THE PRATAP SAGAR” which are considered as one of the pioneer works of Ayurveda literature in medical history. During the times of Maharaja Pratap Singh and Maharaja Ram Singh, the Pink City witnessed the rise of the great Rajvaidya AnandiLal Matolia for his extraordinary skills and knowledge of “Rasa-Chikitsa”. He was awarded the title of “Raj-Vaidya” - The Royal Physician.

The Jaipur Kings were so much impressed by the great Anandilal’s services and devotion in Ayurvera that he was gifted a Grand Temple named as Mandir Shri Siraha Bihari Ji in the main Jaipur City. He was also granted the Knighthood (Jagirdaari) of 5 villages.

Keeping up this glorious family tradition, Anandilal’s son- the famous, lovable and very dearest of Jaipur masses- Raj Vaidya Shyam Lal Ji further enlightened the family tradition. He was an expert of “Agad- tantra” (Juric-Prudence Medicos). Shyam Lal Ji attained the reputation of “Aapta- Chikitsak” (divine physician) and was pioneer “Vish- Vaidya” and “Rasa Vaidya” both at the same time. He mastered the art of dose reduction through his “Mushttik-Yoga”.

His Highness Madho Singh -II was so much impressed by his notable skills that he wanted Shyamlal ji to accompany the Maharaja ,to his world famous Voyage, to London, in the court of British Queen Victoria. Maharaja had plans to set up an International Institute to propagate Ayurveda System all over world under the guidance of great Shyam Lal. Unfortunately due to sudden illness of Maharani Saheba (the Queen of Jaipur and wife of Maharaja Madho Singh-II), He had to stay back to look after the Queen.

Later Shyam Lal Ji was conferred the title of “CHIKITSAK-CHUDAMANI” (Diamond in the field of healthcare and Treatment). Roots of SRI NAVJEEWAN RASAYANSHALA were laid at this time only.
As an old Marwadi saying goes“Once in the seven generation, takes birth such a soul that glorifies the entire family tree.”

This Idiom was proven true when in 1901 A.D. the eldest son of Raj Vaidya Shyam Lal Ji was born. With the birth of this extraordinary intellectual personality of a different league, -“AYURVEDA MARTAND”- Raj Vaidya Pt. Nand Kishor Ji Bhishgacharya , the fortune of Ayurveda world saw a historic turning point. Pt. Nand Kishor was the tourch bearer of  the famous “Jaipur School of Ayurveda” a whole new conceptual outlook given to the world by the medieval Guru Swami Krishna Ram Bhatt (the author of “SIDDHA BHAISHAJYA MANNIMALA” which gained the fame all over the world.)